In August, I participated in the Power of Entrepreneurship with Design Thinking course. Professor Steven Gedeon from Ryerson University and Professors Klaus Sailer and Florian Huber from the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Munich Germany taught the course.

During the intensive week-long class, we were introduced to the design thinking process.

The design thinking process consists of: Design_Thinking_process_in_the_Chapters_Dialogue_project

We were asked to apply the design thinking process to banking. If we didn’t bank the way we do now, then what would it look like? The central question was: How might we make a better way of banking?


The design thinking process lends itself beautifully to law. As the internet transforms the way that legal services are delivered, it begs the question: “if we didn’t practice law the way we do now, then how might we offer legal services?”. I am convinced there is a better way to deliver legal services.