Last night the Ontario Bar Association held an excellent event featuring the Honourable Bob Rae. Bob Rae shared his experience and wisdom with the crowd. He began his speech with reminding us that law is a profession more than it is a business. A profession that we partake in because we believe in the rule of law, ethics, order, and objective advice.

Bob Rae acknowledged that now is not an easy time to be getting into the profession. The traditional legal jobs are not growing at the same pace as before, and the older lawyers are not retiring at the pace as expected. But, he pointed out that we should not be discouraged. There are lots of opportunities and potential for change.

Bob Rae also offered some advice. He asserted that the key to success in law and in life is seeking an interest that is greater than yourself. Law gives you the chance to tie yourself to something bigger than you. The legal profession comes attached to a long history and values greater than any one of us.

He also encouraged us to not be confined to one practice area. The best lawyer is a lawyer who is well learned, with a wide berth of experience.

However, he cautioned that the law will bring you success as it will bring you failure. But, failure is just a bump in the road. Everyone has encountered some challenge in life.

Bob Rae concluded by saying “you will never regret choosing a career in public service”.