To quote the great philosopher Crest Whitestrips “If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing”. In the book Passion Capital by Paul Alofs, he asserts that “complacency is a threat to even the strongest brand”. Complacency suffocates inspiration. And inspiration is the lifeblood of intellectual capital. Alofs provides the great example of the clothing store The Gap. In the nineties, The Gap was a much sought after, trendy brand. Today, it’s struggling to stay relevant after getting complacent with its success.

You cannot buy passion capital. You either have it or you don’t. Passion capital “equals energy, intensity, sustainability”. Without energy everything decays (the rule of entropy). Passion helps sustain the long view, necessary for putting in the ten thousand hours required for true mastery.

However, even after an individual achieves mastery, he/she must always be improving. If you’re not working towards improving your business, then you’re moving backwards, as your competitors charge ahead.

Lawyers that do not actively improve their clients’ experiences are forging an unsustainable future. As technology shifts the legal landscape, lawyers must constantly work at developing their practices.