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Benched is a new legal comedy on USA. The show focusses on Nina, a BigLaw lawyer turned public defender following her breakdown for being passed over for partner.

During her outburst, she exclaims at the partnership party “I had a fiancé… I gave the best years of my life to this firm [rather] than him. I gave you everything for nothing”. She then ends her outburst with smashing a vase given to the firm by Elton John. Her former firm then blacklists her from corporate law.

The show resonates with viewers due to its realistic undertones. Benched clearly reflects the differences between corporate law and criminal law, particularly the difference resources make in the pursuit of justice. Furthermore, the show depicts the smallness of the Bar. On Nina’s first day of work, her opposing counsel is her ex-fiance (who broke up with her because she worked too many hours for BigLaw).