I’ve just begun reading Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices”. It is a fantastic book! While reading it, I am continuously surprised by her candour. Her detailed account stands in sharp contrast to the Canadian culture of secrecy.

A great example of the difference between American and Canadian cultures can be found with the law clerks and judges of the Supreme Courts. In America, it is very common for former law clerks and judges to write detailed biographies and accounts of their time at the SCOTUS. However, at the Supreme Court of Canada, judges and law clerks are sworn to secrecy and can reveal very little. The Canadian approach undermines democracy. Canadians are entitled to understand how the highest court of the land operates.

The social contract between the people and the government, like the constitution, is a living tree that is constantly evolving. The internet has changed the expectations of the Canadian people. Today people expect greater disclosure in this culture of over-sharing. The government and courts should not be exempt from explaining themselves, especially as the cultural norms shift towards openness.

Hillary’s openness is refreshing. Her revelation of moments of vulnerability humanizes her, and makes such an intimidating woman relatable and likeable.