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In the final chapter of the book How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, they pose questions that every industry should ask themselves.

  1. What could happen in your industry in the next five years?
  2. What could change the most quickly?
  3. What would stay the same?
  4. How would a smart, well-capitalized competitor attack your company’s core business?
  5. How would it take advantage of digital platforms?
  6. What is your company doing to disrupt its own business?
  7. Do company leaders use your products?
  8. Do customers love your products? Or are customers locked-in to using them?
  9. What is the switching cost?
  10. Who advances more in the company: information hoarders or routers?
  11. Is your company located in the right place to attract talent?

I would combine these questions with the main questions from the book Tilt by Niraj Dawar about shifting a company’s focus from profit and loss regarding products to profit and loss for each customer segment. http://strategytilt.com

  1. Why do your customers buy from you and not the others?
  2. What costs and risks (associated with buying your product) can you reduce for your customers?
  3. What are the hidden costs associated with searching /purchasing/ using your product?