“The medium is the message.”- Marshall McLuhan

Last night I attended an Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) event about the “Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Art Spiegelman [who] has redefined the comic genre for more than 50 years through innovations that have influenced an entire new generation of artists.”

The AGO is hosting an exhibit of his work, which runs until March 14, 2015.

Art Spiegelman is best known for his graphic novel Maus (1980-1991). Maus depicts the experience of Spiegelman’s father as a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor. In the novel, Spiegelman depicts Jews as mice, Germans as cats, and Poles as pigs based on the German propaganda of that time. Below is an excerpt of his work.


Nina Bunjevac, a Toronto comic artist, spoke at the AGO event. She mentioned that the attack in France was an attack on the core political values of the French people. Political cartoons play a central role in French culture and expression.

The rule of law can only operate in a true democracy. Democracy demands freedom of expression.