“Over 20 million male customers had checked their Ashley Madison email boxes at least once. The number of females who checked their inboxes stands at 1,492.” (Joel Hruska in his article “New analysis shows over 99 percent of the women on Ashley Madison were fake”)

Remember in 2012, an Ashley Madison employee filed a lawsuit in Toronto. She claimed that she suffered repetitive strain to her wrists from creating over a thousand fake profiles for Ashley Madison over three months. She proclaimed that she created alluring profiles to “entice paying heterosexual male members to join and spend money on the website”.

The privacy class actions that are springing up everywhere should include a claim for breach of contract related to the deliberately deceitful tactics of Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison clearly lied to their customers. This is the real breach.

Perhaps all along Ashley Madison was on the side of the angels and wanted to punish wannabe cheaters by duping them with fake profiles and using poor security measures.