Media mogul Sumner Redstone’s, estimated to be worth about $5 billion, has been wrapped up in an ugly lawsuit. After he cut his ex-girlfriend out of his estate plan, she took him to court. She challenged his capacity to make decisions.

In the transcript, the lawyer for his ex-girlfriend probes whether he is of sound mind or under undue influence. A translator is present because of his speech impediment. He is 93 years old.

The questioning starts off rocky. The lawyer asks him if he knew who Manuela (his ex-girlfriend) was. He responds: “Manuela is a f—ing bitch.” The lawyer later asks: “what did she do to help you?” He responds again the same way. The lawyer then asks him about a photograph of them together. He responds: “who cares?”. Shortly after, the lawyer asks him why he kicked her out of his house. He responds again calling her a bitch. After it appears to be not obvious enough, the lawyer directly asks Redstone how he feels about her. Answer: “I hate her. F-ing bitch.”

At trial, Redstone was found to be of sound mind. The lawsuit was dismissed.

To read the full transcript click here: Redstone Transcript