“To meet the needs of clients we will have dispense with much of our current cottage industry and re-invent the way in which legal services are delivered.” – Richard Susskind

Everyday people encounter legal issues. Some issues are small. Others are large. But what if we can address or prevent legal issues quickly online?

In the United States, they have a service called Doctor on Demand. Where people can receive consults online from licensed professionals. It appears to be conducted by video chat.

What if people in Canada could receive consults from lawyers online by video, without ever meeting in person?

Of course there would be many regulatory hurdles to overcome, but I see a service like this spreading from outside Canada to within. The service would likely hire lawyers the way Uber hires drivers. However, ideally this service would be created and managed by the Law Society.

There is a market for this. Many Canadians live in rural areas, without physical or financial access to specialized lawyers. Being able to video chat a lawyer for quick advice could be a huge benefit to many people. It could allow people to ask minor questions before entering into a contract or deciding to litigate a matter.

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