“Dodek for Dean” was the name of a Facebook group created years ago by adoring students. And today, it was announced that Professor Adam Dodek will be the Dean of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, starting in January 2018.

This honour is well deserved. Professor Adam Dodek is fair, kind, professional, and ethical. Above all, he is the embodiment of Adam Grant’s “giver” as set out in the book Give and Take.

Adam Grant describes givers as individuals who “look to help others by making an introduction, giving advice, providing mentoring or sharing knowledge, without any strings attached.” By helping people, they build good will in their relationships. People in turn “go out of their way to promote and help and support givers, to make sure they actually do get rewarded for their generosity.”

There will be many people promoting Professor Adam Dodek’s success as Dean and by extension the success of the University of Ottawa. The University of Ottawa is honoured to have him as Dean.

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