In Dunford v Birnboim, 2017 MBCA 100, the Manitoba Court of Appeal criticized the family law court system, stating that this case highlighted everything that is wrong with our system:

  • Pits family members against family members,
  • Expensive legal bills,
  • Long lawsuits, and
  • Lawyers focussing on their clients’ needs over what’s best for the family.

The Manitoba Court of Appeal proclaimed: “There has to be a better way.”

A better way may soon be coming in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is planning to have people apply for a divorce online, replacing paperwork. These online applications are predicted to shake-up the system. Allowing people to avoid ugly divorces at a click of a button.

Online divorces make sense. It allows the government to save millions of dollars. And it allows people to avoid long lawsuits and expensive lawyers. If an algorithm can do a better job, then why not?

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