On February 6, 2019, I will be co-chairing the program “Take Control of Your Career: Hardwork is Not Enough” as part of the Ontario Bar Association 2019 Institute. The program will focus on business development and reputation building.

The panelists will be: Daniel Naymark, Deborah Glatter, Paulette Pommells, and Lina Duque.

Daniel Naymark is the founder of Naymark Law.  He can be reached via Twitter at @DanielNaymark. He will be speaking his experience on transitioning from being an associate to building his own law firm. He is the 2018 Precedent Setter Award Winner.

 Deborah Glatter is a training and management consultant. She is the former Director of Practice Excellence – Advancement and Career Development at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP. She will speak on developing a strategic plan for career advancement and managing priorities.

Paulette Pommells is a career coach and the founder of 21st Century Lawyer. She can be reached on Twitter at @PauletteCoach.

Lina Duque is a social media strategist and branding coach. She is the founder of Lina Duque Consulting. She can be reached on Twitter at @LinaDuqueMBA. She will offer tips on building your social media presence and raising your brand visibility online.


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