Through the Toronto Public Library, you can now access a licence to use Law Depot. Law Depot is an online program that allows you to create a free will, employment contract, marital contract, and so much more in a matter of minutes. I recently used it and was very impressed with how easy the program was to use.

For example, to create a will, you answer a few simple questions and the document is formed. It is a great alternative to creating simple documents without a lawyer. However, I note that the employment contact template may be inaccurate.


I see this type of technology expanding beyond contracts and into pleadings. I could even see the government, eventually having their court forms accessible in a similar way to Law Depot. For example, the user answers a few questions and then the document is created, (e.g. an affidavit, a statement of claim, or a notice of motion). Once the document is populated, it can be filed into an electronic court case.

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