The People’s Law School in British Columbia is offering free legal information through a Chatbot on Facebook.

@chatwithbeagle answers questions through Facebook messenger at

The chatbot starts off saying:

I work for People’s Law School. I’m here to sniff out information to help you with common legal problems. My goal is to empower you to take action.
Recognize, though, that I’m a bot, not a lawyer. I can get you up to speed on the law and suggest tips to move things forward. But it’s on you to take the next step.
I can help with these topics. What’s on your mind?
The bot then provides options based on common topics. These topics include COVID19 related matters, consumer issues, money and debt, and work. The topics can then be narrowed down further by selecting subcategories.
Once the ultimate selection is made, the bot provides general information. The user can then get more information through conversing with the bot. The chatbot can even provide templates for letters and point users to the right place for launching complaints.
I was really impressed with the chatbot. I can see courts using chatbots in the future for handling repetitive inquiries and  potentially scheduling for matters.
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