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As we have seen in the last year, technology can improve access to justice. A new product called Courtbot is another great example of technology improving interactions with the courts.

The new App Courtbot helps remind litigants of upcoming court appearances. It is a text-messaging App based in Oklahoma.

According to its website, once clients text their case number to Courtbot, clients receive an automatic reminder of court dates. Courtbot claims that “research shows that reminders work… Around 25% of the people in Tulsa County Jail are waiting for their cases to be heard, costing taxpayers up to $25,000 per day. When clients attend their court cases, more small fines are collected, and jail space is freed for more serious offenders. Remembering to attend court can help break the cycle of fines and jail time.”

It is my opinion that more courts should be leveraging this type of technology to remind litigants of upcoming court appearances and details for their cases.

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