Viola Davis is mesmerizing in the new tv show “How to Get Away with Murder”. Davis plays Annalise Keating, a practicing attorney and criminal law professor at Middletown Law School.

The show is fun to watch but terribly inaccurate.

  1. On the first day of law school, you hear a 1L in the background say that he spent his summer interning for a chief justice. (yeah, right!)
  2. During the same class, Professor Keating divulges the details of an ongoing case that she is defending. (also, improbable)
  3. She then brings her class to her office and tells them she has devised a competition. All along, her client is sitting right there. The competition: find a better theory for the defense. What lawyer convinces their client to waive solicitor-client privilege so that their one-day old law students can help theorize on a case that is before the court?
  4. She then asks her students to skip other classes to watch her in court the very next day. How egotistical!
  5. While in court, she models how to be a great lawyer by leading her own witness during an examination-in-chief. (soooo against the rules!)